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A New Believer Inspires 43 Years of Radio and Television Ministry in Peru T by Tom Pace he inspiration for the BIMI television and radio ministries in Peru came from one of the first believers in the little town of Jauja, 11,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains. Jesús had studied for eight years for the Dominican priesthood before coming to know Christ. He was always interested and talented in communications, so not long after he became a Christian he talked me into starting a radio ministry. We set up a small studio in the church in the 1970's. Jesús and friends “borrowed” the public utility poles (in the middle of the night) and strung cables to the two local radio stations, about three blocks from the church. We bought the 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. time slot on both stations every day, so people either listened to us or turned their radios off. Many listened and were saved. In 1980, this same Jesús, now a pastor, saw that the cities of the Andes all had government owned TV stations and even the country people were buying TV sets. The only thing lacking was programming. We were able to get in on the ground floor and buy prime time for next to nothing. We gathered up some basic equipment and began to produce television programs. Most of our family, as well as our dog, showed up at one time or another on these programs. Pastor Jesús won a 16-year-old boy to Christ, and before we knew it Ruben understood the equipment better than we did and was helping produce the programs that were reaching into thousands of Andean homes. Ruben moved to Lima with 16 BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2009