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The first blessing from the radio ministry came when a young university student whose name was Silvia was saved while listening to the broadcast. We prayed for her husband, and several years later he also came to know the Lord in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they now live. In September of 1961 all Gospel broadcasts were taken off the air in Cuba. We contacted stations in Central and South America, and from that time to the present we have been broadcasting the Gospel in Central and South America and the Caribbean. In the latter, the message in Spanish is beamed to all the island of Antigua with the prospect of going world-wide through the internet. We never know who is listening, as we have learned through our outlet in Oxford, Alabama, where Dr. Bud Grinstead's station reaches into Alabama as far as Birmingham, and with an especially strong signal reaching into the Talladega Federal Prison. There is a group of Latino prisoners in that establishment who listen every Saturday night to the La Capilla del Aire broadcast. They use it as a basis for their own worship service. One of the greatest blessings we have had as a result of the radio ministry was when my wife Marjorie and I visited the city of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. While we were browsing in a local souvenir shop, the owner of the store handed me a Gospel tract. The tract presented a clear plan of salvation and I asked the man if he knew the Lord. He replied with a definite “YES” (Sí). He asked me if I was a Christian and I told him “YES.” He asked me, “How do you know?” I gave him a Scriptural answer. Then I told him I had a Gospel broadcast called La Capilla del Aire, emanating from Cape Haitien in the Republic of Haiti, and it reaches into his town of Puerto Plata. His eyes opened wide and pointing a long finger at me, he said, “You are Roy Ackerle. I never thought I would see you down here on this earth. Seven years ago I was listening to that broadcast and God saved me.” These are wonderful blessings we glean along the way as we continue to do what God has called us to do over the past half century. n BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2009 19