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teachers, there are millions of illiterate people who will never be helped by the printed Scriptures. This is where Christian radio has been a powerful means of evangelism and Bible teaching. Mission radio has made it possible for Bible truths to be proclaimed to people who live in areas of the world where missionaries have not been permitted to distribute tracts or Bibles or preach the Gospel. Taped recordings and CD's have enabled thousands to hear the Gospel message in their own language. Thousands of Chinese Bible CD's have been successfully distributed in China. BIMI now has the goal of providing thousands of Bible CDS's in the language of the Mayan Indians of Mexico. The present use of the internet has made it possible to communicate the Gospel to those living in the 10/40 Window, which is the largest area that is closed to the work of missions. It is interesting that the five major religions of the world were born in the so-called 10/40 Window. Thank God that now, via radio and the internet, the truth of the Gospel can now be received by millions of people in these unreached nations. n BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2009 21