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by Dan Dwire Why Christian Radio in Uganda? Uganda is a country where over half the population owns a radio, and radio is the primary source of news and information for many. Calvary Radio provides not only the latest news headlines but also the greatest news ever reported: the Good News of the Gospel. Perhaps one of the most efficient avenues for reaching the Ugandan people with the Gospel is Christian Radio. Statistically, every Ugandan home has a radio. Currently BIMI missionaries operate three radio stations: 26 BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2009 Life Radio in Mbarara, Word of Life Radio in Masaka, and Calvary Radio in Soroti. Together, these three stations can reach over 40% of the nation's population, depending on weather and other operating conditions. While a portion of each station's broadcast day includes English preaching and music, an emphasis is placed on the local language group (Runyunkore in Mbarara, Luganda in Masaka, and Ateso in Soroti) as well as neighboring language groups to present the Gospel more effectively to the listener. Many visitors attend the local churches as a result of the radio stations. Church-planting is enhanced not only through the evangelistic messages on the radio as souls trust Christ, but also through the edification of