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(when the sun is powering the panels) we broadcast at 100% power—enough to reach as far as 100 miles in some directions. Then from 4:00-11:30 p.m., we resume the low-power broadcast to Soroti Town. This method requires only 12 batteries (instead of 32), and the batteries should last at least five years. With fewer batteries having a longer life-span, the depreciation is less than $100/month, and we can operate at full power 5.5 hours per day reaching a potential population of 3.2 million people. During the hours of low-power broadcast, we still reach the Soroti community where the four local independent Baptist churches have been planted. Testimony of Radio and Tract Ministries: Dan Dwire reports: A young man came to the church property with questions about the church. As I began talking with David, the man who had come, I learned that he had been reading his Bible at home for quite awhile, but had many questions. He discussed his questions with some Jehovah's Witnesses he knew, but found that their answers did not satisfy him because they did not agree with what he had been reading in his Bible. Recently, while scanning the radio for something to listen to, he found Calvary Radio. The programs and messages he heard were what he had been looking for, but still he had questions. One of the programs he heard on the radio told him about Independent Baptist Church of Soroti and where the church was located. He decided to find the church and ask someone there the questions he had. Since he had been reading the Ateso version of our tract, Are You Going to Live in Heaven? as he asked his questions, he continued to refer to the tract saying, “I want to live in Heaven, but how can I?” What a privilege it was for me to take him scripture by scripture to show him that Jesus had done everything to pay for his sin and make a way for him to go to Heaven. After quite some time, I asked him, “Why should God let you live in Heaven?” He answered, “Because, even though I am a sinner, I now have accepted Jesus' payment when He died for my sin. I know I will go to Heaven because God promises that He saved me when I believe.” Pray for David as we begin a series of discipleship lessons with him. Thank you for your prayers for Calvary Radio and for the tracts that we have produced now in eight African languages in addition to English! We prepared and distributed over 10,000 copies of the tract (total of all nine languages) in the capital city of Kampala. Each tract has the name and map for one of the churches that have been planted around Uganda. Please pray that many will be saved and that the churches will grow as a result of this upcoming tract distribution. n For more information go to 28 BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2009