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Once missionaries could only communicate over oceans by way of undersea cables (a marvel for the time). Now, from the most distant point of the globe, a missionary can dial a number by way of a cell phone and talk to someone thousands of miles away. That missionary can also send a letter through the air (over mountains, deserts, and oceans) in the same amount of time. BIMI is utilizing much of modern technology to reach the unreached for Christ but more needs to be done. Information is gathered and distributed among thousands of churches through the internet. When there are crises anywhere in the world or on any mission field, BIMI notifies churches and donors immediately. Funds can be electronically wired to the most distant points of the globe. Missionary personnel can travel to the other side of the world in hours. The voice of Radio Lighthouse in the Caribbean daily reaches hundreds of thousands. Missionaries working with BIMI use the means of radio in Uganda, the Niger, Philippines and other places. It was only a few years past when the sun came up on one of their desolate days that the people whom time forgot in the Sahara Desert heard a different sound floating across the dry landscape over the radio waves. Many of those out in the desert circling Agadez heard for the first time the voice of a missionary proclaiming a message of hope and redemption. Amazing—beyond their life of struggles and hardships there was a place called Heaven. When death came, it would not be the end but the beginning—all because of the modern technology of radio reaching where no missionary might ever go. BIMI's Moments for Missions, heard on over 50 stations in the US and overseas, challenges thousands and thousands of Christians to do more. Never before has there been such opportunity. Why not 100 radio stations around the globe promoting, not religion, but the true and uncompromised Gospel of the New Testament? Why not printed Bibles in every language? Why not missionaries in every capitol city and every land? The mission never changes: “…into all the world....” The methods do. Like my Uncle Joe, we cannot afford to be “stuck in time.” n Opportunity knocks! 4 BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2009