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“I drove through snow to hear you speak.” “I listen to you on my car radio driving home from work every day.” Across the country James Ray receives comments such as those listed above. He travels and speaks across America in different locations almost every week and seldom is he in any location when someone does not mention Moments for Missions. The BIMI broadcast is heard on 48 stations in the U.S. Also, Moments for Missions is heard in Dryden, Ontario, Canada; Antigua, West Indies; Barrigada, Guam and Mt. Hagan, New Guinea. The FBN (Fundamental Broadcasting Network), headquartered in Newport, North Carolina also carries the broadcast on its stations and shortwave network, heard around the world. Occasionally, the broadcast features personal interviews with missionaries who minister in 89 countries. James Ray's experience as a pastor, missionary and mission leader leaves listeners with an “in touch” feeling about world missions. He is amazed that a five minute broadcast has the impact as does Moments for Missions, but he says, “I remember the account of a little boy's lunch placed into the hands of Jesus and what it accomplished. The response also indicates that there are many Christians who are interested in keeping abreast with what God is doing around the world through missionaries. n For more information and to listen online go to: BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2009 5