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the end I said there was still time to come to the morning church service and gave the location. The wife said, “We have to go; we have to go.” They came ashore, hired a taxi and came to church. As a result, both of them trusted Christ as their personal Savior. The Word of God is powerful! After these many years, this radio ministry is still being broadcast with Pastor Audley For more information go Charlton powerfully and to effectively teaching the Word of God. The Scripture Truth Broadcast has trips to Africa to teach pastors, to preach Bible been heard over the BIMI Caribbean Radio conferences and revival meetings and to help Lighthouse for over 30 years. build church buildings. They were sent and The extension of the truth of Scripture supported by West Indian churches. The WIBF was blessed by the beginning of a summer sponsors Caribbean Baptist Partners, a mission Bible youth camp. This was a new method of agency helping missionaries on various fields of broadcasting the Gospel in the Caribbean. the world. The eight week summer camp program, for In the early years of BIMI there were the hearing and the deaf, enabled the churches more missionaries in the Caribbean than in to teach the Scripture Truth of salvation to any other field. The Lord used Jim Cooper and hundreds of young people. They acknowledged Jack Harvey to plant churches in the Turks and Christ as their Savior and Lord and many of Caicos Islands. Then Brother Cooper and others them are in full-time ministry for Christ. The went to the Bahamas and planted more churches. present attorney general and one of the judges The Baptist Bible and the New Testament Baptist of the Virgin Islands were saved at Camp Churches have had large ministries. Both of these Fortuna. churches have national pastors. Nassau Christian The next step in obeying the Great Academy has over thirteen hundred students. Commission was the establishing of Bluewater Dr. Pat Creed, Caribbean Director, has Bible College and Institute (BBC). This was a worked diligently enlisting missionaries and ministry involving a number of fellow Baptist support for the yet unreached souls of the missionaries. Training men and women Caribbean. The Dominican Republic, the first from different islands has been the answer to place Columbus landed in the new world, has broadcasting the Gospel in the language of very productive church planting ministries. the people on most all of the islands of the The thousands of souls saved and the Caribbean. In January of this year graduates hundreds of churches planted are the result of who are pastors and Christian workers met making disciples on each island. for their 48th West Indies Baptist Fellowship (WIBF) Conference on the island of Nevis, Obeying the command to where missionary Bob Faile planted the first go, baptize, and teach is the church. The conference was hosted by two BBC graduates. The services were held at answer to global missions. Shiloh Baptist Church, where the Gospel has been proclaimed for 35 years. There were over 275 delegates representing many islands in attendance. Six BBC graduates have made mission BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2009 7