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the education she never had. On Sunday, she would always take her children to church. Martha, who lost the use of one of her eyes during an accident, was always the shy and timid girl, but she had a Sunday School teacher who loved her and took a personal interest in Martha. Through this teacher's love, nine year- old Martha accepted Christ as her Savior. She continued to grow in the Lord and became the secretary to the Sunday School superintendent at the age of fifteen. At sixteen, her former Sunday School teacher passed away, and Martha was asked to take her class. What a joy it was for her to take the place of the lady who had influenced her so much for the Gospel, and she delighted in following her teacher's example! However, God had further plans for her. Through reading about Missionary Betty Stam and other missionaries of the past, God began stirring the heart of this teen-aged girl for missions. Doubts filled her mind since she was so introverted and poor. How could she serve as a missionary? How could she afford to go to Bible college to get training? Frustration and discouragement together with God's tender call plagued her mind until one Sunday afternoon as she was praying, God reminded her of Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” She cried, “Lord, if You want me to go, show me how to go!” That night during the evening service, eighteen-year-old Martha surrendered her life to missions. In those days work was hard to find, but she managed to get a job doing laundry in order to 12 save money for college. Money was scarce, and after several months she had hardly anything to show for it. One day in exasperation she prayed, “Lord, You want me to be a missionary; You want me to go to college, but here I am just doing laundry!” God once again reminded her of Philippians 4:19, and she surrendered to His timing. That very day two young men came into her shop and introduced themselves as being students from Tennessee Temple Schools and told her that the pastor there, Dr. Lee Roberson, had a scholarship program to help people who could not afford college. She wrote Dr. Roberson and within a week he replied, inviting her to come to the campus in Chattanooga, Tennessee. While at college, Martha worked cleaning the school buildings and helping in the infirmary. She completed her degree and was in seminary when she began to intensely pray for God's direction. Her heart at first was led to China, but the door was closed. One day she overheard a conversation where a lady stated that they were going to Congo, Africa, as missionaries, but did not have anyone who could help them teach their children. It was then God said to Martha, “That is where I want you to go.” Immediately, Martha started deputation, traveling on Greyhound buses to raise the required $150 a month support. Within a few months, her support was raised, including the $500 needed for the boat passage to the African continent. After sixteen days on the ocean and four