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out of a witchdoctor's foot! After which, the witchdoctor was so grateful, he even proposed marriage! Every two months, Martha and other missionaries traveled nearly fifty miles to get supplies. This trip would typically take them two days. Roads were so treacherous that they often had to repair or make their own road when the existing roads became impassable. Through these years, God showed His great protection in her life. There were times when poisonous vipers and even a leopard entered her small house, yet they did not harm her. Once a herd of elephants came into the compound to get water from the fifty gallon water barrels used for the school. Yet, in all these situations, Martha's faith in God was undaunted as she saw time and again His amazing protection in her life. Martha became a second mother to these children. Not only did she teach them academically, but she also gave them the love and security that they needed. Besides being the schoolteacher, she also served as the mission station's nurse. Even though she had no medical training except for first-aid in college, God gave her wisdom and a good dose of common sense to know how to handle a wide variety of diseases and unusual situations, from tending to severe burns and treating various stomach disorders, to even getting parasites 14 Although life was at times very difficult and living conditions primitive, Martha grew to love her work and people there in the Congo. She looked forward to visiting in the Africans' homes, sharing the Gospel with the Congolese, and joining in their Chiluba singing on Sundays. Just when life seemed to be going well, disaster struck the Congo; rumors began to grow regarding rebel attacks. News of possible evacuations began to be heard on the radio. At this time, the missionaries also received word from their mission agency, the Congo Gospel Mission, that the mission was going to disband. A time of uncertainty prevailed for Martha and her colleagues.