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of the greatest areas of spiritual need is the Amerindian population. The Amerindians live in the northern jungles, speak traditional Indian languages, and hold Mayan religious beliefs. One BIMI missionary family serves in Guatemala City. However, the future is bright as God is raising up national pastors to plant churches within the country and abroad. With over 7 million people, El Salvador is the most densely populated Central American country. Ravaged by war, this small country is beginning to build itself back. More than 35 years ago BIMI missionaries planted churches that are indigenous and continue to thrive. BIMI has 5 new missionary families serving in El Salvador. The country is wide open and there are areas that still need to be reached with the Gospel. Honduras, with a population of almost 8 million, remains one of the poorest countries in Central America. Recent natural disasters have worsened an already difficult situation. Through these disasters, the Honduran people have become more receptive to the Gospel. BIMI missionaries have been in Honduras for more than 30 years. More than 23 churches have been started. Several Bible institutes train national pastors and leaders. Our missionaries have also had success with medical missions. Missionaries are urgently needed, especially in the interior and along the northern coast. Nicaragua has a population of close to 6 million people. Twenty years of communism put the country years behind, but the door to missionaries is once again wide open. This by far has been BIMI's most fruitful country in Central America with over 180 churches started and over 47,000 people baptized. For many years BIMI has sponsored a Bible institute in the capital city of Managua. More than 150 preachers have graduated from the school and are pastoring or planting new churches. The national pastors have set a goal of starting 10 new churches a year. There is a great need for missionaries to help reach the rapidly growing middle and upper classes. Costa Rica, a country of 4.25 million people, is the most stable of all the Central American countries. For more than 40 years BIMI missionaries have preached the Gospel in Costa Rica, establishing many strong churches. Many of these churches are thriving under national leadership. Annual Pastors Conferences are held to encourage and train leadership. The Bible institutes continue the cycle of leadership training and church planting. Though we thank the Lord for all that has been accomplished, there are still many towns and villages with little Gospel witness. Panama is a popular tourist spot and was once a center for U.S. military operations. For more than 30 years BIMI maintained a good work among the U.S. Military personnel but did not have a work with the Panamanian nationals. BIMI's first missionaries to the Panamanian people arrived in 1999. With more than 20 cities without a Baptist church, Panama presents a great need. Central America is constantly in need of more church planting missionaries. God could use you to reach a city, town or village with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Will you pray that the Lord of the harvest will send more laborers to reach our neighbors to the south? to god be the glory great things he hath done 21