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Camp ministries have also been effective in South America. These camp ministries are not just summer opportunities but rather ministry opportunities carried out each month of the year. Through the sacrificial giving of many, God has provided for two large camps in Venezuela and Bolivia. The camp in Bolivia has been completed, while the camp in Venezuela is still in the developmental stages and can use your help if you would like to organize a work group to help. Deaf ministries have been started in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. Through the efforts of the missionaries committed to reaching the deaf, several churches have been started that now function with their own deaf pastors. Efata, a large deaf school in Lima, educates and evangelizes over 100 deaf boys and girls. The same pattern is being followed in Ecuador in the thriving deaf ministry that has been started there. Radio stations, established in several remote towns in the Andes Mountains of Peru, are reaching thousands of mountain people who would never be reached by individual missionary personnel. This effective ministry can be expanded if we have the personnel that will give their lives to such a task. Literature distribution ministries have been effective in every field. From Gospel distributions to discipleship ministries, the use of literature has proven to be a fruitful tool for missionaries in Latin countries. Brazil is a country whose people have been open and responsive to the Gospel. BIMI has had a presence in Brazil for 48 years, beginning with the current Brazil Director, Jimmy and Nancy Rose in 1962. George Wisner was already in Brazil and later joined BIMI. Today, 45 missionaries are committed to Brazil, including many second-generation missionaries. In these 48 years in Brazil, over 128 churches have been planted by our missionaries. These existing churches have given birth to 31 others as well as one national mission to the Jews. Bible institutes and Christian camps have played a vital role in evangelizing Brazil. A Brazilian church-planting mission has also been started. Seventy percent of Brazilians are under the age of 30. They live in a land that makes up nearly half the total area of all South America. To the north, west, and south, Brazil borders every South American country except Chile and Ecuador. Brazil's land mass totals 3,287,597 square miles, more than all the European countries combined or the continental United States. to god be the glory great things he hath done 23