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the miracles of god in the far east Over a quarter of the world's population is found in the countries of the Far East. Buddhism, Shintoism, Taoism, Animism, Islam and Catholicism dominate this part of the world. Since the early 1960s, BIMI has had missionaries in Japan, China, the Philippines and Micronesia. The response has been greater in some countries than others. Some have a modern lifestyle, while others have great poverty. Some places speak English, but most have difficult Oriental languages. All have their own beauty. The thing that stands out more than anything, however, is the great need for someone to introduce people to Christ. The Kansai Bible Institute is producing graduates that are stalwart Christian leaders, but most Japanese know virtually nothing of Christ. Huge cities are still unreached. In the Philippines, our missionaries are seeing many saved, but millions are still unevangelized. Over 1.3 billion people live in China. We have great potential and great responsibility to reach this part of the world. Missionaries serving with BIMI enter the Far East with the compelling desire to see people turn from idols to the True and Living God. With its population of approximately 127 million people, Japan stands out as the economic leader of the Far East. The nation can boast 100% literacy and strong work ethic. Yet, less than 1% profess evangelical Christianity. There are cities of 25,000 people with little or no Christian witness. Japan is a mission field in every sense of the word. Buddhism, Shintoism and Confucianism stand out as the religions of influence. The early BIMI missionaries in Japan included Jim and Gail Kennard, David and Alice Marcum, Ron and Odessa White, Don and Virginia Sisk, and Robin and Willene McLeroy. Going to Japan brought about challenges of learning the Japanese language and adapting to a totally new culture. However, their objective to love the people and to win them to the Lord Jesus Christ kept them faithful to their calling. Numerous examples exist of God's blessing upon this faithfulness. None stand out more than Senri Newtown Baptist Church and Pastor Sogoro Ogawa. The first service was held in February 1966. On the first night eleven responded to the message of salvation. One of these first converts was Sogoro Ogawa, a young man who wanted to learn the English language and came to hear Brother Don Sisk speak. Brother Ogawa was the first person to be baptized, first to have a Christian marriage and the first to surrender to God's call to preach under the Sisks' ministry. He was also one of the first students to graduate from the Kansai Bible Institute. Today, he is a notable preacher and leader. He pastors the Senri Newtown Baptist Church that was planted by the Sisks. The church has sent missionaries to five countries and presently gives $18,000 in monthly support to 30 missionaries. It has been more than a quarter of a century since the Gospel of Jesus Christ began blazing a new trail throughout the villages of the Philippines. Missionaries Rick and Rebecca Martin arrived in Iloilo City in 1977 and started the Iloilo Baptist Church and College. The inroad of this ministry 24