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into the fabric of the Philippine society is evidenced by the tens of thousands of believers that began their new lives in Christ as a direct result of the church or college. Today, the results of God's blessing are most evident. Over four thousand attend the services of the Iloilo Baptist Church every week. As many as five thousand converts have been baptized in a year. One of these trophies of grace had been a Roman Catholic nun for 15 years in Rome. She became very ill and was sent back to the Philippines to rest. Ronald, a Bible college student, was teaching a Bible study in a home near where she stayed. As he would teach the Bible, she would stand outside the home and listen. Finally she received Christ as her Savior and obeyed the Lord in believer's baptism. She eagerly reads her Bible and keeps a notebook of what she is learning. She is very faithful but needs the prayers of God's people. The graduates of Iloilo Baptist College have started at least 900 churches, 14 full-time colleges to train men for the ministry and 343 Bible institutes for married men in their churches. Presently 1,047 men are being trained in these schools. It is noteworthy that the ministries of Iloilo Baptist Church and College extend beyond the Philippines. Not only does the church support foreign missionaries, they send them! Iloilo Baptist Church presently supports 49 Filipino foreign missionaries! Two graduates have started more than 30 churches in Haiti through the men they are training in their Bible schools. In Zambia, another graduate has started 12 churches and is training 40 men to preach the Gospel. The victories are the same in Uganda. Herein lies the power of this Gospel trail: imparting the vision into the hearts of the converts. Those that have been reached are still reaching yet others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. to god be the glory great things he hath done 25