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southeast asia - Penetrating the Darkness The BIMI designated area of Southeast Asia consists of countries that could be categorized under Oceania, Indochina and India. There are 69 BIMI missionaries serving (or on deputation) in 14 of these countries: American Samoa, Australia, Cambodia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Kiribati, Myanmar, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Thailand. Approximately 125 churches have been planted in these countries. BIMI missionaries have either established or helped establish and taught in some 16 Bible institutes or Christian schools. Many graduates of the Bible institutes have gone out to establish churches. Camp Gary in Papua New Guinea has its own property with several adequately constructed cabins. This ministry is conducted by Jim and Carol Stackhouse. Trained national counselors are used in this ministry that is seeing many young boys and girls and teenagers come to Christ. Also seeing great results are four orphanages/children's homes in two countries. Two BIMI CLAIM work teams from the States help build the Children's Home facility in Mysore, India, to house children who had lost parents in the tsunami of 2004. This was the largest tsunami in modern history. Another “blessing” that came out of this tsunami tragedy was the Nias Bible Project. Over $150,000 came in to BIMI to print Bibles at $3 each in the Indonesian language to give out to every middle school student on the island of Nias. Some funds were sent to the missionaries themselves. One team went over in July of 2008 and a second one in January of 2009. A total of 49,000 Bibles were given out to 217 schools. A clear Gospel message was presented to the entire teacher/student body in the schools where the students attended. Some schools had their students go to nearby schools or sent representatives to collect boxes of Bibles, to bring back to their particular schools. Nias needs full time missionaries to go there and invest their lives to reach these precious souls with the message of Christ. James and Dawn Daley have served for nearly 40 years in Indonesia. Another such Bible distribution project is being planned for the Solomon Islands for the high schools there. The BIMI missionaries serving in the countries of this area designated Southeast Asia are dedicated and faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ with a sincere love for the people. Oh, that God would call laborers to even double the number of countries for BIMI missionaries in this region of the world where millions upon millions live in darkness. We have The Word that will bring them out of that darkness into the Light. to god be the glory great things he hath done 26