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USA - The United States of America is a mission field! Recent statistics tell us that seventy percent of our people have no meaningful church connection. Over one million abortions are performed annually and more than 16,000 murders are committed each year. Sixty percent of children under 16 years of age have never been to Sunday school. Eighty percent of teenagers never darken the door of a church. Every year more churches close their doors than open their doors. America has dramatically changed as she has become both host and mother to millions of immigrants from around the world during the last several decades. The annual total number of people immigrating to the United States has climbed from 500,000 in the 1970's to more than a million at present. The metropolitan cities of our nation have become international communities and have presented challenges for American churches and pastors to reach. It is time that we take up this challenge to plant churches in these international communities and reach them for Christ. BIMI missionaries in the USA are involved in planting churches, winning souls, and training leaders. We have ongoing ministries in both rural and densely populated communities. Our ministry extends to all ethnic people groups. Satan is on the offensive in America and seeks to hinder all evangelistic efforts of true believers. BIMI desires to see a great church planting movement by local churches that will result in the Gospel being propagated to our nation and to the world. This is God's answer to Satan's offensive and can only happen when local churches take up the banner and sound the charge to support and promote church planting in America. BIMI started their church planting efforts with just a few people burdened to plant churches in America. It has erupted into a full-scale missions operation. BIMI currently has more than 100 missionaries stationed across America in ministry roles to a great variety of international people groups. God has blessed with thousands of souls being saved in these ministries collectively. We have opportunities today that never before existed. During one year over 4,500 churches in America closed their doors—over 850 were Baptist churches. It is sad to say that nearly half of the independent Baptist churches started each year fail to mature. Many established churches are turning away from Bible based preaching and teaching. There is also a demand like never before to fund missionaries worldwide. The problem is that we are not seeing enough New Testament churches started in America to provide adequate funding of foreign missions. This has brought about a serious shortage in mission funds and has resulted in an ever growing population in America that does not know God. Since 1960 church planting missionaries with BIMI have successfully planted over 750 churches in the United States. This has been done by developing a Bible based church planting program that God has blessed! In recent years a ministry called Reseeding America was begun to address the church planting needs of our nation. We have seen a definite increase in couples committing to plant churches. Through its Reseeding America program, BIMI offers step-by-step assistance for sending churches and church planters. This help from men who have successfully planted multiple churches includes a training program specifically designed for those who start churches in America. BIMI assists the church planter in his deputation ministry to assure that necessary funds are available. The sending church and pastor are to be directly involved in assisting their church planter in the start up and ministry of the new church. Regular and frequent “on the field” assistance by qualified men is offered throughout the process. This is all done in cooperation with the church planter's sending church and pastor. Reseeding America is focused on planting churches, restarting churches and helping struggling churches. Go to our web site and get in touch with us if you have an interest in your church assisting in Reseeding America. 28 BIMI WORLD – Number 1, 2010