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finding where you fit in missions There are countless people who are puzzled about where they fit regarding God's calling and missions. They have sincere and relevant questions. However, they don't know where to get straight forward answers. They are not alone in this quest. Gerry and Diane Baughman designed CAMP BIMI/SMART to fill that specific need. Experienced BIMI missionaries teach 40 hours of classes pertaining to the preparation and reality of missionary life and service. Their goal is not to talk someone into missions but to provide a strong foundation from which to make an informed decision. This helps to decrease missionary dropout by teaching these realities before a final decision is made to pursue a missionary career. Every attempt is made to facilitate a focused, yet relaxing environment that educates and encourages potential missionaries beyond the typical stereotypes of missions. Singles and couples of any age soon realize that there is more to missions than adventure and excitement. There are four stages of training available. CAMP BIMI I, II and III offer successive levels of training. SMART mission trips provide CAMP BIMI alumni an opportunity to experience life and ministry on the field. This training is unique in that trips and their preparation are designed to simulate the actual missionary process from beginning to end—from deputation to furlough—and everything in between. College credit to a number of Christian colleges can be gained through each program. As CAMP BIMI alumni say, “CAMP BIMI can't be explained…it has to be experienced!” Since its inception in 1993, more than 750 individuals have participated in the program. Each has found where he/she fits in missions. Approximately 65% are serving around the world. For further information or to apply, go to or email christian layman assisting international missions is a ministry of BIMI that allows lay men and women to participate in the Great Commission. It includes evangelism, construction, medical missions, Bible distribution, mechanics, engineering, computer training and more. Begun in 1993 by Clayton Shumpert, CLAIM has assisted BIMI missionaries in the US and abroad. Since 2000, CLAIM has been under the leadership of Carl Vonnoh. The various projects have been blessed with souls saved, churches built, and laymen choosing to serve as career missionaries. More than 1,000 laymen have come away from the experience with a burden for missions like never before! The purpose of CLAIM is to help laymen identify a need in missions and find ways to meet that need. CLAIM coordinates mission trips and projects for laymen throughout the world. Men and women are challenged to use their talents on the mission field. The goal is to help and bless missionaries and to provide opportunities for laymen to increase their mission awareness. The primary concern is to send laymen who demonstrate a genuine love for the Lord, have a cooperative, teachable spirit and a servant's heart. Projects are determined according to need, urgency, available personnel, supplies and finances. Locations vary from the US to second and third world countries. The Project Director oversees project finances. Laymen are notified in advance about the financial details of their chosen project. Laymen are financially responsible for their part in this ministry endeavor. CLAIM policy is to never be a financial burden to the missionaries. Participants are issued an itinerary well in advance of the team departure date. This itinerary includes information such as suggested clothing, accommodations, cost, immunizations, and other pertinent information relating to the project. Each CLAIM team member is responsible for meeting the requirements for a given project. BIMI WORLD – Number 1, 2010 29