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J.R. Faulkner Tom Freeney Dolphus Price Bill Rice Lee Roberson In 1917 Anton and Viola Andersen boarded the ship City of Calcutta to plant their lives in Africa for the sake of the Gospel. Through their more than 40 years of ministry there, thousands came to Christ. In 1955 the Andersens' son, Fred, who was a student at Tennessee Temple, impressed upon Dr. Lee Roberson the great need for helpers in the Belgian Congo. In response Dr. Roberson, along with nine other pastors, met and organized the Southern Wing of the Congo Gospel Mission. When the Congo was closed in 1960 because of revolution, Dr. Roberson made the motion that the Mission be enlarged to embrace the world. That motion led to the formation of Baptist International Missions on June 28, 1960. Since 1960 BIMI has extended its ministries into 97 countries around the world. With more than 1,000 missionaries, the Mission continues to assist local churches with their efforts to fulfill the Great Commission. As we celebrate the past and face the challenge of the future, BIMI continues to join hands with local churches to embrace the world. blessed ambassadors from a pastor's heart to is congratulation comes Th t calling one can imagine. and you fulfill the highes for Christ. You are such, for all you give to all the on your 50th Anniversary Thank you, BIMI family, churches you love. at home and “almost s at Headquarters, I feel en I walk on your campu Wh friendship over a good . The chats in the hall, the agency like no Heaven” comes to mind I recall speak of a mission the godly board meetings meal, and our churches, and God of you. You are there for er. You are special—each oth is with you. are serving, I am caught field where you served or pel message you When I step on a mission Christianity and the gos power of New Testament up in the do it so well. Thank you there to serve, and you faithfully declare. You are so ff at home­—the servants are also in order to the sta for that. Congratulations God's loyal legion. behind the scene. You are ersary will be, I such as your 50th Anniv I see you at a gathering When me thank you. We them,” and the Lord lets ry say, “Thank you, Lord, for God-centered anniversa ent) mean it. Yours is a (every church you repres ng. We love you. celebration. Keep on goi God bless you. In Christ, Lew Davis