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E.C. Sheehan Harold Sightler Bruce Talley It is with gr eat joy that I off anniversary of Baptist In er congratulations on th ternational cause for re Missions, In e occasion of the fiftie joicing this is! th c. What an Having bee incredible n afforded milestone an the wonder board mem d ful privilege ber, vice-ch of service th airman and has had on ere from 19 chairman, the cause o 89-2009 as I can speak f world evan of selflessn firsthand o gelism. Th ess and det f the impac e New Testa ermination to the local t BIMI ment philo have made church and sophy and this agency a vital part revealed th spirit what it is: a of the mod is side of H blessing of er eaven just the gospel God how import n mission movement. around the ant the role It will never world. of BIMI is be Without a d to efforts to oubt, God d spread eserves all be noted th of the glory at the Lord for this hal has blessed James Ray f-ce BIMI with , Dr. Don S great leader ntury of success. It sh isk and oth and integrit ould ship during ers before th y. They hav this time. D em have led e certainly r. this organiz My church been cataly ation with p sts to BIMI' has enjoye u d a preciou s effectiven to partner s relationsh ess over the rpose with them ip with BIM years. in planting in this com I, and it has churches ar memoratio been our h ound the w n, and shou service toge onor orld. We re ld Jesus ta ther in the joic rry, look fo work of the rward to fift e with them Dr. Lou Bal Lord. y more year dwin s of Pastor Congratulations, BI MI, on fifty years of assisting local ch Commission. Only urches fulfill the Gr in heaven will we eat know and underst the work of BIMI. and the true impa From humble begin ct of nings to the presen thousand mission t ministry of over aries in ninety-seve one n countries, with churches planted, over three thousa the vision has rem nd ained the same, “to labor to send miss aid local churches ionaries to the field in their of God's calling.” Praise the Lord fo r every faithful miss ionary of the past, will yet go for the present, and those work you have all who owed the Lord to the Lord for the di do through your liv rectors and dedica es. Praise ted administrative are building this gr staff that have built eat organization. and Praise the Lord fo congregations, an r the thousands of d believers who ha pastors, ve given sacrificia lly over these fifty May the influence years. of BIMI continue to grow as we look future as God allow forward to minist s. To God be the glo ry in the ry for the great th ings He has done. Pastor Michael Ed wards