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While other people on the tour bus went to concerts or sightseeing, Sisk, Ray, and Arnold stood on the streets and distributed the New Testaments. When the people realized the men were giving away Bibles, they surrounded them, pushing and shoving each other in their attempts to receive a copy of God's Word. Soon, the three missionaries had given out all the New Testaments they had brought with them. Sisk, Ray, and Arnold were heartbroken to hear the people pleading for Bibles, but they had none left to give. The three missionaries also made contact with local Christians. Don Sisk and James Ray preached in a church in Odessa, Ukraine, where over 800 people had gathered to hear the Gospel. The church was not large enough to seat all of the people, so hundreds were forced to stand outside. Don Sisk, James Ray, and Don Arnold were overwhelmed by what they saw in Eastern Europe. They reported what they experienced to churches in America. Arnold had filmed scenes from the trip to the communist countries, and a special video was made and shown in churches all over America. The American Christians responded with love and compassion and gave money to buy Bibles for Eastern Europe. Teams Volunteer Ray and his assistant, Brant Holladay, took teams of volunteer workers to Eastern Europe to distribute Bibles on the streets, in hospitals, in factories, in schools, and in nursing homes. The groups were comprised of pastors, deacons, housewives, business people, college students, and retired people. The team members paid for their own plane tickets, hotels, and food. By the year 2001, the Rays, Holladays, and the volunteer Bible Distribution Team in Siberia 13