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When a Million is not Enough teams had distributed one million Bibles to the people of Eastern Europe. Bible distribution teams had unforgettable experiences. In the Ukraine, they were given permission to distribute Bibles in a military factory where 10,000 people worked. The manager had planned to have the Bible distribution team stand in the lobby and distribute the Bibles to the people as they came through the turnstiles for their lunch break. His plan, however, did not work, because when the people heard that Americans were in the lobby and that they were giving away Bibles, they left their jobs and ran to the lobby. Medical teams also volunteered to go to the countries of Eastern Europe to help the people who desperately needed medical attention. Judith Skates, a nurse and a missionary with BIMI, directed the medical teams that traveled thousands of miles to give assistance to needy people. Under Skates' direction, the American doctors and nurses took medicine and medical equipment to Soviet doctors and nurses in Russia; they also gave seminars to hospital staffs. The American medical team members spoke and answered questions about their particular fields. They also took with them Bibles that they distributed to the medical personnel in Russia. Team members gave their testimonies and witnessed to Russian doctors and nurses. 1 By Mary Ray The manager told the team that they would have to leave the lobby and distribute the Bibles on the street. He said that all his workers were leaving their jobs, and the factory would have to close if the team did not leave. The manager apologized for asking them to leave, but he felt he had no choice. The Bible distribution team left the lobby to go to the street and thousands of people followed them. All of those who followed them received Bibles, except for ten people. The ten people who had not received a Bible watched sadly as the team drove away. The team members were sad because everyone did not get a copy of the Scriptures, but they had no more Bibles to give. While more than 1 million Bibles have been distributed in Eastern Europe, the surface has not been scratched. Millions more are needed. BIMI's International Bible Fund administered by James Ray collects money to work toward that goal. 14 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2010 Twenty years later, BIMI missionaries serve throughout Russia and Eastern Europe. The same God who brought down the “Iron Curtain” can open doors that are closed today. Wonderful miracles of past days thrill us, but it can be done again. Now our vision spills over the 100 nations mark. We set our eyes upon the remaining frontier that still waits for a “Word from God.” Pray for new churches to sponsor “The 100 Nations Project.” The fund also helps sponsor mission trips for college age young people to the mission field. Mary Ray, Embracing The World, (Chattanooga: Baptist International Missions, Inc. 2008), 172-176. 1 Pray for Missionaries with BIMI for these countries: • Albania • Armenia • Lithuania • Latvia • Southern Sudan For information on how you can serve in these countries, contact BIMI. Dr. James Ray is available for mission conferences and mission emphasis Sundays. If you would like to plan a “100 Nations” event in your church, you can contact Dr. Ray at BIMI, Phone 423-344-5050, Ext. 2103, or you can email him at Cell Phone: 423-802-5198.