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Recently, I was asked to write an article for BIMI World from my perspective as Candidate Director. The request was prefaced with the statement, “Dr. Ray (outgoing President), Dr. Snyder (incoming President)….” This is truly a time of transition for BIMI as we welcome a new General Director, Dr. David Snyder, but these words also speak to another type of transition. They remind us of what happens each year at BIMI as new (incoming) missionary candidates are approved and others who have finished deputation leave (outgoing) for their fields of service. God has been faithful year after year, to send new missionary applicants to BIMI. Pastors and local independent Baptist churches continue to recommend their missionary candidates to us. Though this year is one of transition and there are exciting changes taking place at BIMI, we can honestly say that there have been no changes made in the matter of receiving new candidates. We continue to follow the guidelines defined in our Constitution and By-laws. We are convinced the Lord has blessed BIMI as a mission agency because of our continuing commitment to serve local churches and their missionaries. Our faithfulness to Biblical objectives (evangelism and church planting) and high standards is also appreciated by the thousands of churches that are assisted by BIMI. With the presence of 52 candidates approved in 2009 and the new candidates approved this month (June 2010), we had a total of 77 new missionaries present for Candidate School. The Lord of the harvest continues to call forth laborers in answer to the prayers of God's people. With the approval of the new candidates, BIMI has missionaries targeting additional countries for which we have prayed. The Lord has given us missionaries that are or will be serving in 100 nations of the world. The goal of BIMI has been and continues to be that of reaching the “unreached” people of the world. BIMI missionaries have had ministries that have “embraced the world.” We are grateful to God for the BIMI missionaries who for 50 years have served in very isolated and difficult places, such as the countries that make up what is referred to as the 10-40 Window. We are grateful for the blessings of God in the past and excited about the possibilities of the future. 17