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ion of Transit A Time nity f Opportu A Time o By Michael Edwards, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of BIMI June 8, 2010, was a day of great importance to Baptist International Missions, Incorporated. On that day not only did we celebrate 50 years of service to the Lord in the matter of world missions, we also inaugurated a new president of BIMI. Dr. James Ray, who has faithfully led our organization for many years, is transitioning into the ministry of International Representative for the 100 Nations Project and the International Bible Ministry, while Dr. David Snyder has assumed the position of President and General Director. This time of transition is of great importance to our Mission. The steady hand and the inspiring vision that Dr. Ray has provided will not be easily replaced. However, Dr. Snyder will have the Spirit of God to lead and provide him with a vision for the continued work of BIMI. Transition means change. Sometimes in our current cultural and political climate we can be suspect of change. It is comforting to remember that even though persons in leadership may change, God and His Word never change. BIMI was founded by godly men who stood for the authority of the Word of God and the local church. Our foundation on those truths will not change. In her wonderful history of BIMI entitled Embracing the World, Dr. Mary Ray states “On September 29, 1959 a special committee meeting of the Congo Gospel Mission, later to become BIMI, was held in the office of Dr. Lee Roberson. The purpose of that meeting was defined as being ‘to survey the possibility of broadening the sphere of the work of the Congo Gospel Mission to embrace the world needs.' ” The principle of that meeting is still guiding the ministry of BIMI today: to embrace the need of this world to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Dr. Snyder is genuinely humbled by his selection to lead the work of the Mission. He is approaching it in the same spirit of prayer and dependence upon God as did Solomon when he took the place of his father, David. BIMI has experienced transition in leadership before. Each occasion has been wonderfully blessed because there was careful deliberation in seeking the will of God. The Board of Trustees acted deliberately and prayerfully in this present matter and unanimously voted in favor of Dr. Snyder for the office of President and will vigorously support him as he assumes leadership. There are many ways we all can support Dr. Snyder. The most important is to regularly lift him up in prayer. Pray that God will give him understanding as he leads men and women of great experience and passion for the work of God. Pray that God will give him wisdom in the matters of administration that will come before him. Pray that he will be discerning, compassionate, firm and clear in communicating his vision. Of course, not only should we pray for Dr. Snyder, but also 2 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2010