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g bility Durin Sta of Change Times by Jim Butler, International Office Director “And…they sent them away” (Acts 13:3). When Paul and Barnabas left their beloved brethren in the church at Antioch, they had no idea of all that was to change in their lives over the next few years, but they surely Last year I was preparing the paperwork were grateful for the stability for a student visa to France for language their church would give them. school. The application required several documents in both English and French, guaranteeing health insurance and monthly income. All of this was cared for by Brother Butler and Linda Bates, and I was able to get my visa without any trouble. In much the same way, missionaries in the 21st century begin a life of transition as they launch out into their divine calling– Becky Pope—Côte d'Ivoire deputation, language training and transition to a new culture. Then, after a tour on the field, they are back to their churches, reporting and raising additional prayer support and funds. These beloved men and women need stability in these times of transition! The home office of Baptist International Missions, Inc., serves these gallant soldiers of the Lord. BIMI never replaces the sending church, but instead serves both church and missionary. Most pastors and church members from the 8,000 churches supporting missionaries through BIMI would be amazed at the level of help the missionaries receive from the staff at the mission headquarters. 22 I remember when we were getting our Will done at the home office, the secretaries stayed late to help us get them done. They seemed happy to do it and never complained. Todd and Kim Lapato—Austria