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The focus at the World Missions Center (WMC) is to provide stability throughout the missionary process. The WMC functions behind the scenes as a hub to provide a myriad of services for the missionary. It may be the health insurance program that has literally saved the lives of missionaries in trouble or brought them home in a time of a medical emergency. Or it may be the Finance Department that handles more than three million dollars in donations per month. The home office staff are the “unsung heroes” of the missionary team. We have called the home office many times for many different reasons over the years. They are always kind, very helpful and ready to do anything they can to accommodate whatever needs we may have. Thank you, home office staff! You make our job on the field tremendously easier and fruitful! Because of you we are able to spend our time reaching others for Christ. Dave and Marsha West—Canada Missionaries enjoy stability by participating in the Enrichment Week held each year for furloughing missionary families. Special activities, cookouts and guest speakers are planned for the whole family. The WMC staff gives of their time to make this a special week. The World Missions Center also helps missionaries get into foreign countries. This may involve letters of guarantee sent to governments around the world assuring that our missionaries will not be a financial burden to their country. Letters often have The missionary kids (MKs) receive extra to be sent to an international attention. There is a team that shipper confirming the serves this unique group. A I would especially like to mention container is for ministry teacher is available to help those who answer the phone. They must get thousands of calls each week overseas. Secretaries who with academic challenges. Care packages are sent to MKs and yet no one has ever been anything type for the administrative but helpful and kind to me when I have staff and directors generate who are away at college or called. confirmation letters for serving in the military. Tom and Cathy Talley—Canada meetings and handle a variety Left to Right: Gwen Murray (Receptionist); Sarena Long (Insurance); Martha Kunberger (Central America Assistant); Linda Bates (Administrative Secretary); Ellen Daniels (Secretarial Services); Frances Birkhead (Secretarial Services); Sharon Daugherty (Office/Landscaping); Rose Snakenberg (Maintenance/General); Dan Daugherty (Maintenance/Landscaping); Lyle Snakenberg (Maintenance Supervisor); Tim Leonard (Preventive Maintenance); Ferrell Kearney (Volunteer); 23