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of other correspondence needs. Trays of mail flow in and out of the WMC on a daily basis. Donation receipts, prayer letters, packages and other missionary mail are posted to 100 countries around the world. More than 350,000 pieces of mail are handled by the WMC staff each year. The Bible speaks of a prophet's comfort and even a refreshing cup of water. The 80 acre campus of BIMI has over 40 prophet chambers. The testimony of the God we serve rests on some very dedicated individuals who maintain the grounds and buildings. What if the grass were not mowed or the Dot and I do indeed over these more than 42 missionary lodgings not maintained or the WMC years appreciate the work of the home office. As building (which is over the length of a football it is when your car is running well you do not field) never repaired? What if the beds were never think a whole lot about it. Unfortunately this can be the way it is with the home office. During made or laundry never washed and rooms never these years for us they have not missed a note. cleaned? They are always there, always serving the Lord faithfully on our behalf. We are very grateful. It would not take long to recognize that those who work hard behind the scenes are very important people. Those serving our guests and the staff at the WMC are on call 24/7. Cleaning the guest rooms, preparing food for events and vacuuming the 48,000 square foot WMC are never ending tasks for this great group of God's servants. Jack and Dot Moorman—England The Lord has given BIMI a wonderfully dedicated maintenance staff. The people who care for our landscaping are second to none. The individuals who oversee the building projects and maintain these facilities are a team that only God could develop. All on this team have served on the foreign field as missionaries and now serve missionaries as supported missionaries themselves. For those of you who faithfully support anyone at the home office…Thank you! There is much to do to organize the many volunteer helpers who come from churches all across America. Volunteers may work in the extensive, well-developed Candidate School the new missionary attends or the boot camp (CAMP BIMI) for those who feel God may be directing them into missions or build a mission cottage for retired or furloughing missionaries. It may be to help during the Action Conference for World Evangelization that brings pastors and Christian laymen onto the campus of the WMC for advice and guidance. This is a busy place but here the Left to Right: Ruth Dwire (MK Educational Services); Glenda Williams (MK Programs); Dot Rosser (Volunteer); Joan Moody (Missionary Hostess); Ernie Fritz (Housekeeping); Hazel Mitchell (Missionary Hostess) 24