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We love Brother Ernie at the home office. He knows us by name, he knows where we serve and we are made to feel special because of his concern for us. Marvin and Jewell Wright—Uganda missionary knows he or she can find stability in times of transition. BIMI is 50 years old this year. Through all these years, the home office staff has been the unsung and little recognized hero. However, the missionaries know that the stability of what is going on in Chattanooga helps them while they are getting to the field, serving on the field or returning to the field after a furlough. Many pastors also know that without the expertise and experience of the WMC and the personnel associated with it, their job as a sending pastor would be much more difficult—consumed with tedious details and the constant reinventing of the wheel. What a lovely place! What a busy, active place! What a rock in a time of transition! Thank God for the home office of BIMI! Mrs. Moody has always gone out of her way to make me feel welcome whenever I stay at the World Missions Center. Having a safe place to stay is a blessing to me— and a relief to my family! Betsy Reznor—Canada God's Provision Through Insurance by Jim Butler Kristy and Tony Applegate are BIMI missionaries in Uganda. Kristy was expecting their fourth child. There were complications with the pregnancy and development of the baby that required a return to the States. They were ready to leave Uganda by air with their other children, ages 5, 3 and 2. Three of the Stensaas men, fellow missionaries in Uganda, were also flying to the States on the same flight. Kristy was told just before they were to leave that she could not make the flight without endangering her life and the baby's. The Applegates sent their children, accompanied by the Stensaas men, to their grandparents in the States. MedAire (Aetna's insurance contract for medical emergency evacuations) was called in to help. Kristy and Tony were flown to South Africa. Kristy gave birth to a premature baby girl, Elysse. Elysse had to remain in the hospital for several weeks. Aetna provided for the hospital costs plus the lodging expenses for Kristy and Tony until Elysse was released. As soon as the baby was released, MedAire flew mom, dad and baby back to the States Dr. E.C. Sheehan, last living where they were reunited founding trustee of BIMI, holding Elysse Applegate with their children. 25