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ge es of Chan uring Tim Stability D es ative Servic Cre by Ken Catoe From the beginning of modern missions until the present, the missionary has faced a need to present his God-given call to those who would support him in finance and prayer. How he has done that has changed many times over. There was a time when a simple letter was all that was The time and energy that BIMI's creative necessary to garner the needed assistance. Today's staff put into our ministry materials has missionary faces an audience hardened by years of not only saved us time, it has also allowed exposure to the onslaught of a highly refined secular us to stay focused on the deputation work advertizing media. His faith is put to a real test as he to which God has called us. decides how to effectively raise support. He has at Joshua and Melissa Booth—England his disposal promotional resources not available or affordable years ago. BIMI's creative services staff are uniquely qualified to assist missionaries in maneuvering through this minefield of available technology. Seven staff members work to help missionaries efficiently promote their ministries. Each has many years of experience. Three have more than twenty years with BIMI. These long terms of service have spanned significant changes in technology. This is beneficial in helping veteran and new missionaries alike to adapt to new methods in a rapidly changing field. Two assist with the The BIMI home office has been a true blessing development of audio/visual presentations and in helping me with my prayer letters. With the the purchase of audio/visual equipment. One busy schedule of deputation it has been a relief works with missionaries in communicating with to email my letter to Mrs. Kathy, and then all their supporters through prayer letters. More the busy work is left to them. Thank you so than 200,000 prayer letters are mailed each year. much for your faithfulness! Two help with the design and purchase of all Kerri Phillips—UGANDA types of printed promotional materials. Over Mark Hutchins in the mail room has been a blessing in helping get needed “supplies” to the front lines. Kathy Parks, together with Ken Catoe, makes sure needed information from the front lines gets to the people back home. They are highly organized and a tremendous help. Terry Sharp—Canary Islands Left to Right: Mark Hutchins (Mail Room); Kevin Wnuk (Computer Services); Ken Catoe (Printing Services); Jerry Dwire (Audio Visual); Kathy Parks (Prayer Letter Service); Jonathan Bergen (Printing Services); Don Arnold (Audio Visual) 28 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2010