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remember that this transition to the office of President includes changes for his wonderful wife, Barbara, and their two sons, Caleb and Kyle. Let us purpose to be an encouragement. A word, a call or a personal note to let him know you are praying for him and are ready to help if the need arises will be a blessing. Knowing someone stands with you is a great comfort when the way is difficult. Let all of us join with Dr. Snyder in the great work of world evangelization. No one man or no one organization can do it all; but we can work as part of a team with him to expand the influence of BIMI and embrace the need of the world to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For 50 years BIMI has been one of the world's preeminent missionary organizations. Our emphasis on the authority of the local church, the inerrancy of the Word of God and planting New Testament Baptist churches has been at the core of that success and that will not change. Our directors, missionaries, and home office staff are some of the most dedicated and hardworking men and women to be found anywhere. They are committed to a smooth transition and a ministry that continues to work at the professional level we have all come to appreciate. Dr. Snyder, while being careful to appreciate the landmarks that have been set before, will with his energy and vision seek opportunities to increase the influence of BIMI in reaching the world. There is a generation of young believers to be inspired concerning missionary service. There are countries not yet opened, people groups that have never heard and new possibilities that need to be explored. There will be challenges and adversaries; but with the help of God, the work of BIMI can continue to grow and expand its influence. Dr. Mary Ray concludes Embracing the World with these words: “I have read their stories. I have researched their lives. I have followed their footsteps. I have been challenged, encouraged, and inspired by these wonderful men and women who…embraced the world.” The story of BIMI has been the story of courageous believers who, being called of God, step forward to pioneer the work of God in places others may fear to go and to accomplish what others are not sure can be done. With God's help they make a way that others can follow. We follow in the steps of great men and women of David and Barbara Snyder receive Bibles from Michael Edwards during inauguration. faith. Under Dr. Snyder's leadership we must continue to embrace the need of the world to hear and to help make the way that others may follow until our Lord returns. May our eyes be upon the Lord and His blessings upon us. BAPTIST INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS, INC., was founded in 1960 as an independent Baptist faith mission. BIMI is a fundamental mission agency, true to the Word of God in doctrine and method. The purpose of BIMI is to assist fundamental Baptist churches in fulfilling our Lord's command to evangelize the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our objectives are to establish indigenous Baptist churches and train national pastors and leaders. There are over 1,000 missionaries with BIMI working in 100 countries of the world. / OFFICERS: Dr. David Snyder, President; Dr. Ray Thompson, Vice President; Mr. James Butler, Corporate Secretary; Dr. Al Goss, Treasurer / BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Dr. Michael Edwards, Chairman; Dr. Scott Wendal, Vice Chairman; Dr. Jeff Amsbaugh, Dr. David Atkinson, Dr. Andy Bloom; Dr. David Bragg; Dr. Paul Chappell; Dr. John W. Collier; Rev. Michael Creed; Dr. Bill Egerdahl; Dr. Don Forrester; Dr. James God; Dr. John Godfrey; Dr. Tom Messer; Dr. Mike Norris; Dr. David Pittman; Dr. James Ray; Dr. Jim Rushing; Dr. Don Sisk; Rev. Rusty Smith; Dr. Mark Stevens; Dr. Jim Townsley; Dr. Robert Wall; Dr. Tom Wallace / ADMINISTRATION / FIELD DIRECTORS: Dr. David Snyder, General Director; Dr. Ray Thompson, Executive Director; Mr. James Butler, International Office Director; Mr. John Ramsey, Comptroller; Mr. Doug Cunningham, Business Manager; Dr. Jeff Alverson, Assistant Military; Dr. John Bailes, USA; Dr. Gerry Baughman, CAMP BIMI*SMART; Rev. Roger Blevins, South America; Rev. Eric Bohman, Assistant Africa; Dr. Ron Bragg, Africa; Rev. Alan Brooks, Assistant Southeast Asia; Dr. Pat Creed, Caribbean; Dr. J.B. Godfrey, Far East; Dr. Bob Green, Candidate and Deputation; Rev. William Griffin, Enrichment; Rev. Ed Hembree, Assistant Europe; Rev. Brant Holladay, Europe; Rev. Terry Jones, Central America; Dr. James Kennard, Military; Rev. Robert Larson, Assistant USA; Dr. Jim Lilley, Estate Planning; Dr. Robert Meyer, Southeast Asia; Dr. Jimmy Rose, Brazil; Dr. Don Sisk, General Director Emeritus; Rev. Steve Stone, Far North; Rev. Gary Sprunger, Assistant Caribbean; Rev. Carl Vonnoh, CLAIM / REPRESENTATIVES: Dr. Roy Ackerle, Rev. Gailen Abbett, Dr. Les Frazier, Dr. Ed Gibson, Dr. John Halsey, Dr. Robert Johnson, Rev. Mark Logan, Rev. Michael McCombie, Dr. James Ray, Dr. Jerry Reece, Dr. Reggie Rempel, Rev. Clayton Revels, Dr. Clayton Shumpert / STAFF: Mr. Don Arnold, Audio Visuals; Rev. Ken Catoe, Printing Services; Rev. Alan Robinson, Missionary Services Coordinator; Mr. Kevin Wnuk, Computer Services / BIMI World: Dr. David Snyder, Executive Editor; Rev. Ken Catoe, Editor; Mr. Don Arnold, Production Photographer; Mr. Jonathan Bergen, Designer Official Publication of Baptist International Missions, Inc. Mailing Address: P.O. Box 9215 - Chattanooga, TN 37412 / Shipping Address: 8614 Harrison Bay Road - Harrison, TN 37341 / Phone: (423) 344-5050 Fax: (423) 344-4774 / E-Mail: Website: / BIMI Canada: P.O. Box 242 - St. Jacobs, Ontario N0B 2N0 / (519) 664-3242