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Memorial Gifts have been received in memory of: James Craig In April of 1957, James and Mildred Craig left for Peru to serve as missionaries. They came to BIMI and were accepted in October of 1969. Together they served in both Peru and Mexico. In 1985 the Lord called Mrs. Craig home but Brother James stayed faithful to the work. On Friday, May 28, 2010, Brother James went home to be with the Lord. He rejoined his wife and countless others who had come to know the Lord because of his faithful missionary work. He started several churches in Peru, South America, where he served for 15 years and Acuna, Mexico, where he worked for 38 years. Brother Craig remained active in the labor of the Lord until his health no longer permitted him to work. Memorial gifts are a wonderful way to honor the memory of those who have gone before us into the presence of Christ. Gifts in lieu of flowers, proceeds from estates, memorial offerings from churches and Sunday school classes and gifts from employers are an investment in the furtherance of the Gospel that will yield eternal rewards. Send memorial gifts to BIMI, P.O. Box 9215, Chattanooga, TN 37412. Specify the missionary or project the gift is for and who it is in memory of. 30 BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2010 Don Bergerud by Woodcrest Baptist Church $100 Jim Henry by Lakewood Baptist Church $1,000 Saraleen Meyer by Jim & Bonnie Lilley $50 by Jim & Emi Civale $100 by Mr. & Mrs. John Meyer $100 by Mr. & Mrs. B. K. Green $50 Margaret Aulgur by Community Baptist Church $25 by Ramona Mizer $30 by Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Richart $306.59 by Hartland Cares Ln. $25 by Doris Grandstaff $10 by Paul & Brenda Mizer $30 by Mr. & Mrs. William Cash $25 by Anna Wise $10 by Samuel Igo $50 by Mabell Terrill $20 by David Kueker $10 by Edward Zahn $25 by Coleen Skouby $10 by Joy Little $10 by Doris Barnes $25 by Charlotte Davis Sidwell $15 by Grace Walker $50 by Loretta Larose $20 by Jim Willis $10 by Joyce Moore $10 by Rachel Miles $25 by J.R. Mitchell $25 by Erin Richart $20 by Deems Farm Equipment, Inc. $25 Ruth Johnson by Frieda Korte $100 7 CIA officers killed in Afghanastan by Fairfax Baptist Temple $500 Dr. Cliff Robinson by Jim & Bonnie Lilley $100 by Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Lee $100 by Mrs. Leslie Clonts $50 by Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Brown $100 by Mr. J.F. Reid $75 by Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Colquette $50 by Mr. & Mrs. Bill Brown $100 by Stephen Clonts, Sr. $500 by Anonymous $1,000 by Glen & Pat Copeland $100 Jerry Fauer by Grace Baptist Church $100 Kathleen VanSant by Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc. $4,000 Edith Duvall by Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Brown $100 Dorothy Steele by Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Gambrell $100 by Sealed Air Corp. $50 Larry Detwiler by Fellowship Class, Hamilton BC $25 Bill Pace by Mr. & Mrs. William Barrentine $50 SE Kidd Jr by Richard & Marilyn Terry $100 by Roena Markley $50 by Rena Brewer $25 by Mr. & Mrs. CL Harris $35 by Katy Dixon $25 by Jeannie Featherstone $50 by T. Vernon Tabert $100 by Larry Holder $100 by Norma Sue Sanders $25 by Dudly & Pat Longacre $100 by Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Johnson Jr. $30 Marie Sims by T. Vernon Trabert $100 Pauline Goins by Mr. & Mrs. Johnny Parks $30 Ethan Connor Henderson by Tony & Sarah Henderson $50 Brendan Cody Henderson by Tony & Sarah Henderson $50