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anges Mean Recent Ch ommitment Renewed C by David H. Snyder At the conclusion of our 50th Anniversary Celebration Service on June 8, BIMI experienced a change in leadership. During that service, I was officially installed as the new President and General Director of Baptist International Missions, Inc. To say the least, I am very humbled by the opportunity God has placed before me. I am also very excited to see what God is going to do through BIMI in the days ahead. We are celebrating BIMI's 50th anniversary throughout this entire year. In doing so, we have had many opportunities to reflect on the past and rejoice in what the Lord has done. As President of BIMI, my desire is to see God continue to bless in the future. Thinking about the foundation laid during the last half-century has renewed our commitment to those things that have allowed us to enjoy the blessings of God. …we must remain As we look to the future, I firmly believe true to the Biblical we must remain true to the Biblical principles that have guided us since principles that have our inception in 1960. There are at guided us since our least three fundamental areas that have been and must continue to inception in 1960… be emphasized. First, we must maintain our role as a servant to the local church. Second, we must steadfastly strive for excellence. Finally, we must continue to specialize in church planting. SERVING THE LOCAL CHURCH is the reason for BIMI's existence. Obviously, part of our service to the church includes serving the missionaries who are sent to the field by their church. God the Holy Spirit is the One Who calls the missionary (Acts 13:2). In response to that call, the church sends the missionary to the field (Acts 13:3). It is at this point that BIMI stands ready to assist in the logistics pertaining to the missionary's pre-field, on-field and furlough ministries. BIMI has gained a great deal of experience during 50 years of existence. This experience is available to help local churches and missionaries streamline their efforts in obeying the Great Commission. As the local church delegates some of its responsibilities to BIMI, the 4