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The afternoon reception was a smashing hit. We saw people we had not seen in years. The place was packed all afternoon. What a night! All the hours of preparation and prayers of so many were rewarded with a spectacular evening. To our delight more than 770 people arrived for the service. The choir music by pastors, staff, musicians, mis- sionaries and candidates was just wonderful. Dr. Ray's message targeted God's blessing to BIMI because He blesses His people, not buildings or even organizations but people. It reminded us that our history from the early missionaries to today has been that way. Then Dr. Edwards spoke about our future. He used Barnabas to remind us that God works through people who are willing to change their plans for His, to encourage and assist others and do it to increase our passion for souls. If we continue this, our future not only looks great but will be as bright as the promises of God. With Dr. Ray wanting to work with the 100 Nations and Bible distribution projects, the Board had asked Dr. David Snyder to be the President and General Director and lead into the next 50 years. It was certainly a stirring moment in the service when he and his wife, Barbara, were inaugurated. In these 50 years, he is only our fourth General Director. The staff was pleased with this choice by the Board for our next leader. 9