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their lives in this disaster. Another 300,000 were injured and around one million were homeless. The Haitian government estimated that 200,000 homes were de- molished along with 30,000 commercial buildings. Port-au-Prince and neighboring towns looked like a bombed out war zone. Immediately after the earthquake, BIMI began channeling assistance through Don Dryden, who is stationed about 110 miles north of the epicenter. Missionaries Jeff Garrison, Steve Brockell, Michael Doering and Ronnie Autrey assisted in the Haitian relief from the Dominican Republic. BIMI focused on working closely with fundamental independent Baptist ministries in Haiti. Many containers of needed assistance provided a way to meet physical needs and also opened doors to share the Gospel. As a result, many professions of faith have been seen. Testimonies have come from the streets of Port-au-Prince to the hospital beds of Port-de-Paix. Gracious gifts have provided water, food, clothes, medical attention, tents and hope for thousands of survivors. Haiti and its people will never be the same. Many families have migrated to the north. Some have regrouped with relatives in other parts of the country. Although Haiti has been through coups, floods and earthquakes, its greatest need true, national revival. We have been working with other independent Baptist missionaries to provide funds for the reconstruction of churches that were destroyed or damaged. Not being fluent in the Creole language has made ministry difficult for me, but I know that the churches in Haiti we have partnered with have seen many come to Christ through the tragedy that occurred January 12. Please continue to pray for the missionaries who live in and around Port-au- Prince who are daily ministering to people who are still hurting and searching for something better. They need not only food and water but also the Bread of Life and the Living Water. We continue to travel to Haiti as God opens doors, and we support the efforts of other independent Baptist missionaries directly involved in rebuilding Haiti. BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2010 11