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Right: The Bereau (bay-wo) Baptist church building near Leogane, the epicenter of the earthquake, was damaged. The building is being repaired. Below is another church near Leogane the Drydens helped to restore. • building materials to rebuild or repair homes; • monies to help pay tuition for displaced students whose schools were destroyed in Port-au-Prince; and • help to defray the cost to bury family members. A lady who is sister to one of our church members arrived in Port-de-Paix a few days after the earthquake. She was in Port-au-Prince during the earthquake and lost everything but her life and her daughter. She came to church on January 17 and received the Lord during the invitation. Another church member's son who lived in Port-au-Prince had a five-month-old baby who was crushed to death and his wife suffered severely broken arms. Sadly too, they lost their home and belong- ings. The other two children were sent here to be with family as Edouard slept on the floor for several weeks at the side of his wife's hospital bed during her recovery and therapy. Relief funds sustained this family during the time and provided trans- portation for their reunion here in Port-de-Paix. Pray that Edouard can find a job. Many from our area who had migrated to Port-au-Prince have returned to Port-de-Paix, having lost so much! The funds given helped to encourage the hurting as they struggle to start life over. Most of these were not able to even bring a change of clothes with them. The local hospital was overrun with people who had major injuries (like amputations, paralysis and crushed limbs). There were few medications to help. Your gifts helped supply two hospitals with medications. Many who lost spouses now have no “bread-winner” and the relief funds helped some set up small businesses to be able to take care of their children. It is hard to imagine losing your home, belongings, and place of employment all in one day. There are so many cases and stories that we could share on behalf of the hurting. Those who have benefited by your relief have been so appreciative. We thank you for them! May the Lord sincerely bless you as you have been a blessing! Don and Bridgitt Dryden are church planting missionaries serving with BIMI in Haiti since 1975. They are also actively training national pastors. Their son Benji and his wife, Kerri, (with their three children) have worked alongside them since 2003. BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2010 13