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By Jeff Garrison Traci and I have had a love for the Haitian people since visiting Port-au-Prince in 1982. We always knew we would have a ministry to the Haitians; however, we never thought we would be used in earthquake relief. In May 2009 we started Iglize Baptiste de la Gras, a church that ministers to the Haitians who live in our area of the Dominican Republic. When the earthquake occurred on January 12, 2010, our Haitian church was having prayer meeting. As the news trickled in from family members who lived in Haiti, we knew we would have to make a trip across the border. On January 30 I made the first trip to Port-au-Prince with a load of donations collected by our Dominican church, as well as items sent down from the States. I was accompanied by fellow Baptist missionary Wesley Lane and Dr. William Nes- bitt from Indiana. On this trip we ministered to Missionary Leny Funtecha, as well as 40 national independent Baptist pastors. Since the earthquake, Traci and I, along with 5 other Baptist missionaries, have been able to distribute • over 12,000 meals; • hundreds of tents and tarps; • over 3,500 bottles of drinking water; • 1,000 water purification systems; • dozens of boxes of medical supplies and surgery equipment delivered to 2 area clinics; • 250 hygiene kits; • 50 emergency care kits; • 2 pallets of used clothing; and • a semi trailer full of MREs (meals ready to eat). Jeff and Haitian translator sharing the Gospel 14 Jeff and two Haitian women who received the Lord BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2010 Jeff and members from our Dominican and Haitian churches loading a truck of supplies