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garden vegetables are sold in cheerful open markets, surrounding the buyer with a myriad of vibrant color and tantalizing scents. With all this and more, one can quickly understand how the Canary Islands are one of Europe's favorite vacation spots! The Canarians themselves are a very diverse people, displaying in skin tone and facial features the unique combination of influences from Spain, Portugal, Latin America, Africa, as well as their own indigenous peoples. They are very friendly with a quick smile to greet any visitor. Generally, they are family oriented, often enjoying walking or playing as a family unit in local parks. They also tend to be athletic with exercise clubs and local sports teams becoming more and more popular throughout the islands. Spiritually, however, many are empty, longing for the answer to life that their traditional religion cannot give. As with any other Spanish influenced area, the Catholic Church is deeply ingrained in the culture. Although awakening to church bells ringing is much nicer than awakening to the Moslem call to prayer that is heard on the African mainland, the stranglehold on the populace is still the same. Catholicism has entrenched 17