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By Eric Bohman For one month the eyes of the world were on Africa. This time it was not because of genocide, a violent government coup or the spread of a deadly disease… it was because of the exciting sport of soccer. While citizens of the world converged on South Africa to cheer for their national team, citizens of the heavenly kingdom prepared for what would be one of the greatest mission opportunities South Africa has ever had! Over the course of 31 days, 48 games were played in 10 different stadiums scat- tered across the vast and beautiful country of South Africa. Estimates are that over half a million people visited from all over the world to attend these games: people from spiritually-hardened European countries, some from communist countries, others from Moslem countries, all places where the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not been readily received. The opportunity to spread the good news of the Gospel was immense! Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of Christians both locally and in America, before the last goal was in the net during the final match, those visitors, as well as tens of thousands of national South Africans were offered an attractively printed portion of the Word of God. Over one million copies of the Gospel of John and the book of Romans, along with Gospel tracts printed in various languages, were distributed! Such an outcome was the result of two years and hundreds of hours of intense planning and preparation. It all started with one man and a vision. Two years previously in the city of Durban, South Africa, one of the ten venues for the games, veteran BIMI missionary Jeff Demarest was struck with the potential of spreading the Word of God to the tens of thousands of visitors who would be coming to his city. The thought of having a professionally printed copy of the Gospel of John and Romans came to his mind. Before long an attractive layout for a cover was designed that comprised the colors of the South African flag, a soccer player, and the words True Victory. The mission organization Bearing Precious Seed along with Fellowship Tract League agreed to do the special printings, and the work began. Before long, other missionaries and national South African pastors hearing of the plan wanted to do the same in their areas of the country. Within months, 40 South African Baptist churches joined together for one of the largest evangelistic efforts in their history. 20 BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2010