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Churches on both sides of the Atlantic helped to fund the project. Some printed while others collated the booklets and bound them together. All told over 100 Baptist churches were involved in this massive endeavor! Large 20-foot shipping containers sent over the Atlantic Ocean in 3 printing installments gave these African churches the necessary literature. Local leaders put together an organizational structure and had the literature strategically placed near each of the 10 stadiums. Then, the games began! Teams of church members from both America and South Africa were trained and sent out to each of the venues. Surprisingly, the attractive covers made instant souvenirs. Fans were excited! Nearly everybody wanted one. Then they started reading them! The popularity of They came the literature caused the workers to be constantly busy—but not for a game too busy to overlook opportunities to lead several people to the but left Lord on the spot. According to reports, people from 32 countries visited prepared for South Africa for the games. Likewise, someone from each of eternity! the 32 countries received the Word of God…and then took it home! Since the games in July, several hundred people from various countries have written to the South African churches requesting additional information, Bibles, even further lessons on how to grow as a Christian. Local churches in South Africa were also blessed with conversions and families joining their churches. Only eternity will tell the impact of this evangelistic effort on the world! Some will remember the World Cup as a time when the entire world was watching Africa. Others will remember it as the time they found the Savior and received eternal life! The World Cup was not only a soccer victory for the country of Spain but a spiritual victory for hundreds who have begun their new life in Christ. They came for a game but left prepared for eternity! Jeff Demarest witnessing 21