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Island culture demanded the sharing of food with relatives. Peter sustained himself eating the small fruit that grows off the trunk of an nwanwa'o tree. The tree usually bears fruit just once a year, but it sustained Peter for six months. This gave him time to plant a small garden. Peter began to try to reach his people with the Gospel. Whenever his family came down from the hills, they tried to force him to return with them. Peter could not read very well, but he had learned to write John 3:16. This he shared with others. He sang the song “Jesus Loves Me This I Know.” After a period of time he led his brother to salvation. His brother eventually was murdered. After receiving the invitation, Florence and several other Christians formed the South Seas Evangelical Mission. This mission existed for over 70 years. Men and women, mostly Australian, surrendered to the mission work in the Solomon Islands. The mission had a boat built named the Evangel. This boat sailed between the islands, transporting missionaries and doctors. A Bible college was established on Malaita. The method of teaching was primarily Bible instruction given each week to the village pastors who would return to their villages to preach for the Sunday worship services. Hundreds of 25