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A church has since been constituted and they are now sending young men to our Bible college for training. Last year I met with five Christian men from Malu'u. Four were the grandsons of Peter Ambuofa, the first born these village churches are now scattered again Solomon Islander to return to his throughout the islands. native home after being led to Christ This past year I received an email on a sugar cane plantation in Australia from a young man by a lady who had …here I am over one worked with Hudson named James who has become a friend Taylor in China! hundred years later on Malaita. He wrote, Gospel experiencing the fruit of The timeless to spread “Tim, Stephen called continues the same work Hudson from nation to nation, me through phone last week to pass this and here I am over Taylor was doing! message to you as one hundred years quick as I can. Well, this is the message, later experiencing the fruit of the same Peter Ambuofa family members have work Hudson Taylor was doing! Great been preparing to go into independent Commission work continues through Baptist and they are waiting for you to go the wonderful and powerful Gospel. up and see them in Malu'u. It looks likely By the way, the fifth man I met with that you will organize a church in there. was Stephen Kori'i. He is the grandson This is very important. Peter Ambuofa of Peter Ambuofa's first convert! family members need any reply from you Tim Meyer is a veteran missionary to Australia. He as soon as possible. James.” has been making trips to the Solomon Islands for a How to Pray: number of years. Pray for a Bible distribution in the Solomon Islands during the first quarter of 2011 that the Word will fall on good ground (Matthew 13:23). Memorial Gifts have been received in memory of: S.E. Kidd by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McAlexander by Allen Bowden Shirley Elkins by Charles Frazier Louie & Elsie Grimes by Mr. & Mrs. JR Kingsbury Michael Winks by Harvester Baptist Church Shirley Pace by Mrs. Floreine Patterson Neal Reynolds by Fred Sanchez by Mr. & Mrs. John Beck by Mr. & Mrs. James Henley by Barbara Robinson B. Cavender by Tabernacle Baptist Church Robert Mensch by Fairmont Baptist Church 26 BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2010 Jacquelyn Smith Troy Dean Smith Kathleen Van Sant Elle Marie Yates by by by by by by by by by by by by Mr. & Mrs. John Cooper Sarah “Wally” Barnard Sandra Williams CL Tate Ann Sherfinske Sarah Barnard Mr. & Mrs. JR Williams III CL Tate Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Heath Linda Comstock Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Simons