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This article sketches the story of two men and their journey from Islam to Christ. Names have been changed and certain details have been left out to protect the multitude of people involved in this ministry. personal God. How different from the austere, judgmental and temperamental Allah this new Gospel was. Here was a God that sent His own Son to earth, garbed in a robe of flesh. Here was a God that allowed his only Son to be A decade ago in Kabul, brutally slain for the very people He Afghanistan, Mohammad's father was had created. Here was an astounding brutally murdered by agents of the mystery that Mohammad could not notorious Taliban regime. His crime? solve—God is love. Merely the possession of English books! After several months, Mohammad After witnessing started to publicly question His crime? Merely Islam among the Afghan his father's horrific death, Mohammad the possession of community. His words began to question the were not well received. He English books! veracity of Islam. He was physically assaulted by simply could not understand how such other Muslims twice. After appealing an inhumane crime could be committed to several aid groups, he and his in the name of God. His search for family were cleared to move to Saint another way had begun. Petersburg to escape persecution. After US forces began liberating Providentially he was placed in contact Afghanistan, many Afghans took with a missionary family. After another advantage of the newly relaxed borders year of searching, questioning and and fled the country as UN refugees. confirming, Mohammad made the Mohammad took his family on a decision to fully trust Jesus Christ as his tortuous journey through Pakistan, personal Savior. Soon he was baptized to several of the Central Asian former and began theology classes under the Soviet republics, and finally to Moscow guidance of the missionary. in search of a better life. In Moscow he Since Mohammad began studying met several Christians working with Christianity some years ago, he has humanitarian aid organizations. These arrived at an astonishing level of Bible kind people shared the pure Gospel knowledge. He simply devours the of Jesus Christ with him. For the first Word of God. There are few places time, Mohammad heard of a loving and in the Scriptures with which he is 4 BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2010