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unfamiliar. His ultimate goal is to see a Christian awakening occur in Afghanistan. His love for Christ is very evident. Recently he said, “I never knew what love was until I met Jesus Christ. Christ has given me a love for my people. I'm glad I came to Russia because here I found spiritual salvation. Now I want to go back so that the Afghans can also know this new life.” Jamal came to Russia in 1990 to study law. Born into a relatively educated family in Kabul, Jamal was a teenager at the time of the Communist takeover in Afghanistan. As a young man and an aspiring intellectual, he was seduced by the promises of radical socialism. Giving willing assent to Marxist philosophy, he rose rapidly through the education ranks of Kabul. By 1988 Jamal was a high ranking official for one of the government agencies of Afghanistan. By the time he finished his law degree in 1994 at Saint Petersburg State Institute of Internal Affairs, the Communist regime in Afghanistan had collapsed, the Soviets had pulled out of the country, the Soviet Union itself had been dissolved, and a civil war was raging in Afghanistan. Jamal stayed in Saint Petersburg and received official asylum from the Russian government. He helped launch a local Afghan newspaper in the languages of Dari and Pashto. In 2001 Jamal met some of the same American Christians in Moscow that helped Mohammad and started his own journey to the Christian faith. Over a period of several years, this man came to understand the Gospel message more clearly. Repudiating Islam, Marxism and secularism, he placed his faith in Christ Jesus, was baptized at the same time as Mohammad, and began studying theology with him. About his faith Jamal says, “I have experienced a complete change in myself. Before, I was afraid to die. I was afraid of my past and my sins. Now I want to know the Bible and teach it to my people. Death no longer holds any fear for me. I have found something to live for!” Both of these men face persecution and threats because of their faith. Nevertheless, they have persevered and established a Christian newspaper for Afghans and Persians. They have no hate for Islam or Muslims despite the hardships extremists claiming this religion have inflicted on them. They simply have a God-instilled love for the souls of their countrymen. They have both shared the Gospel with numerous family members and have seen many come to a true faith in Jesus Christ. The great story of the lives of these men is that God has His people in every culture and among every people group. Mohammad and Jamal are living examples of the reason for missions. *Author's Note. Today, Mohammad and Jamal are both ordained preachers. Jamal pastored a growing congregation of about 80 former Muslims. He also published a Farsi language Christian newspaper. Mohammad is a seminary trained teacher, preacher and writer. He maintains the only known Christian website in the Pashto language (the language of the Taliban). Both are actively involved in an evangelistic ministry founded and directed by a BIMI missionary. At the beginning of 2010, Jamal turned the church over to a third ordained Afghan leader and embarked on a missions ministry of full-time evangelism and church planting in Afghanistan and Central Asia. He currently lives in Kabul. To support the vital ministry of these men, please send gifts to the following address: BIMI #190 PO BOX 9215 Chattanooga, TN 37412 BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2010 5