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we give a clear answer from the Bible. They respect that. We emphasize that the Bible is our authority and not some religious system. Solution 2: taking advantage of their curiosity about our heritage Another way we break through barriers is by taking advantage of the people's curiosity about our American heritage. One highlight of our ministry was the 4th of July 2009. We invited Bavarians, Austrians, Africans, Italians, and even South Americans to our party. I read the Declaration of Independence and shared a short Gospel message, tying it to national freedom. We had a great time. We try to take special occasions like the 4th of July or Thanksgiving as an opportunity to have people over for a visit. They are naturally curious about America and come to see what it's all about. Being native English speakers, we are preparing to start free English lessons in the church since many Bavarians want to learn. We hope to use this as another tool to reach people. Once when Kim and I went out to eat, the restaurant was full, so we were seated at a table with two other men. They were typical Bavarians who were probably on their third or fourth glass of beer by the time we sat down! In our conversation I explained what we were doing in Bavaria and shared the Gospel with them. They invited us to come back and eat with them whenever we wanted. They explained that they eat at the same place every Friday night. We try to take advantage of every opportunity to get the Gospel out. We are praying for more ways to get in contact with people. Plea for help We are also praying for more missionaries to come and help break through these Gospel barriers. It is hard to get people who already are nervous because they think we are a cult to come to a church with just the pastor and his family. With one or two more missionary families, we can do a better job. Hopefully this article will be used by God to challenge more Christians to give their lives to take the Gospel to the Austrian and Bavarian people. Though growth is slow and it takes years to get a church started, God is working in the Alpine Mountains. We have started a German-speaking service that has been well attended. We hope to see this service grow into a full-fledged German-speaking church. Instead of seeing hurdles, we have chosen to see opportunities. God loves these people and wants to see them saved. With that knowledge, it does not matter that we have to break down barriers. It is rather an honor to serve the Lord and to work among such great people as the Austrians and Bavarians. How to Pray: Pray ye...that he will send forth labourers into his harvest (Matthew 9:38). BIMI WORLD – Number 3, 2010 9