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By Nate Wright The other day as I was walking to the small town center in the village where we live, I asked God to give me someone to talk to about Him. As I was passing by the High Court building in Gulu, Uganda, I saw two men sitting underneath a large shade tree by the side of the road. I stopped, turned to them and began a friendly conversation. After a few minutes of small talk, I turned the conversation to my intended topic. I told them I was living in Gulu in order to tell people the good news that Jesus had died on the cross for them. After sharing the Gospel message, I invited them to church, gave them a tract and left. One of these young men was Geoffrey. Throughout the week, I prayed that God would continue to convict these men of their need of Him. You can imagine my delight the next Sunday. Geoffrey walked the four miles from his house to our church, came forward at the invitation and received Christ as His Savior! But that is not the end of the story. Remember the shade tree where I first met Geoffrey? That tree had stood for decades as a shady spot for weary travelers or a shelter against a sudden rain storm. A few hours after I talked to Geoffrey under that tree, a terrible wind and rain storm swept through Gulu. It destroyed many roofs, knocked over road signs and blew over quite a few trees. One of the trees blown down was the very tree Geoffrey was under a few hours before. God knew since the day that tree was planted, there was going to be a divine appointment under that tree. After that appointment, I guess God was finished using that tree. I wonder what divine appointments God may have for you today? Who has He put in your path with whom you can share the Gospel? It may be that mechanic under the hood of your car or the sales clerk behind the cash register or the delivery man that comes to the door or maybe, just maybe, someone sitting under the shade of a tree. * Nate Wright and his family are missionaries in Gulu, Uganda, East Africa.