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By Gary Craft In the 1980's there were over 300,000 military personnel and their families in Germany. With the presence of so many Americans, Germany became known as Little America. Many GIs came to Germany and met and married German women. Some separated from the service and remained there. Others took their wives back to the US to other duty stations. As is always true of a cross- cultural marriage, there are many challenges. In a great many cases, the marriages did not last and many of the children produced by these relationships still remain in Germany. As military missionaries minister to current active duty personnel, civilians and German nationals, they have found this to be another fertile field in which to labor. This is especially true in the growing Kaiserslautern Military Community that is home to more than 50,000 Americans. Military ministries are seeing real fruit among these left behind young people. Kevin's father was sent to Germany in 1976. In 1978 he met and married Kevin's mother—a German national. At the end of his father's tour in 1979, the family returned to the States. Later, in 1988, with the encouragement of German family members, they returned to Germany to live. In 1993 the marriage broke up and Kevin's father returned to the States. Kevin was left behind with his mother in Germany. Through the prayers of his American grandmother in Texas and the witness of her pastor, Kevin made a commitment to Christ in November 2008. One day, while driving in the Kaiserslautern area, Kevin saw Heritage Baptist Church in Mehlingen. In August 2009 Kevin called and asked the military pastor if he needed a military ID card to attend the church services. He was assured everyone was welcome. Kevin and his family visited the services and in a follow-up visit to their home, his Russian-German wife accepted Christ. His son was saved later through a children's ministry at Heritage Baptist Church. They followed the Lord in believer's baptism and have become faithful, committed members of Heritage Baptist Church. è Kevin and his family