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How a fatal accident was used to spread the Gospel By Eric and Lori Bohman The headlights of the missionary's van bobbed up and down as the vehicle meandered through the people that were walking along the village road. The African sun had already set and the villagers were leaving their jobs and heading towards home. The occupants of the vehicle jostled back and forth on the rutted road. They were weary but joyful. The missionary, along with a team of nine national Christians, had just spent the entire day preaching and soul-winning on the Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria. It was their intention to one day start a church on these islands and what a start they had! Over a thousand tracts had been distributed and ten precious souls had trusted Christ as their Savior! The ferry trip to and from the island was uneventful, and they were all looking forward to returning home with the good report of what God had done. Suddenly, down the road came two men on bicycles weaving recklessly on the wrong side of the road. Startled, the missionary quickly slowed down and maneuvered to the side to avoid a collision, but surprisingly, the bicyclists swerved likewise and continued to head straight for the vehicle! The sounds of shattered glass and crushed metal were immediately followed by the screams of both the frightened and injured. The occupants of the vehicle, dazed by the shock of impact, looked around to see a crowd gathering and hurriedly discussed what should be done. Mob justice happens quickly in parts of Africa where, in the face of tragedy, tempers flare and the innocent get hurt—even killed.