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the widow and her family The missionary sensed the danger and quickly uttered a prayer for God's help and protection. Remembering the warnings from the American Embassy, telling them if they were involved in an auto accident to go straight to the nearest police station, the missionary regained his composure. He hastily checked that the injured men were out of the way, put the vehicle in gear, and sped off to the nearby police headquarters. After arriving at the station and explaining the situation, the missionary was subjected to harsh verbal abuse by the officers who often like to feel their authority. They stated such things as, “You are a murderer!” “You were probably driving recklessly!” After completely berating and humbling the missionary and the other Christians, the officers then went out to the scene of the accident to make their report. Before long, they returned stating one of the men on the bicycles had indeed been killed and the other injured. The witnesses who claimed they saw the accident were so drunk no clear report could be obtained. Since it was Saturday night and the accident involved a fatality, the officers chose to incarcerate the missionary and impound the vehicle until a proper report could be taken.