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cell and the missionary found comfort as he lay down, feeling God's presence in this desolate condition. God had not left him nor forgotten him! In spite of the emotional trauma of the day, he found himself rejoicing in the fact that even in prison, God was caring and providing for him and this gave him the faith to believe that God was already at work in turning this tragedy into a blessing! Early the next morning one of the national Christians arrived with fresh drinking water for his pastor and assurances of their prayers (inmates in Africa are not given anything by the prison—all provision must be brought by friends and family). At the missionary's church, the Sunday morning service turned into a prayer meeting, as the congregation, along with the missionary's wife and children, urgently begged God for His protection and justice in this tragedy. After the church service the missionary's wife came to encourage her husband. Tears came quickly as both felt the terror of having taken a life and then the humiliation of being in prison. They strengthened themselves in the Lord with the knowledge that God could turn this calamity for good. After a long day of waiting, the police commander arrived late in the afternoon and informed the missionary that he was free to go, but he must return the next day for questioning. What rejoicing ensued as the missionary and his family were reunited! At the missionary's home, the church members formed a circle with him and his family and sang and praised God for His deliverance. Prayer was also offered on behalf of the bereaved family. The next day the police had nothing to report, so the missionary was asked to come back the following Monday. In the meantime, negotiations had started with the family members of the injured and deceased as to how much compensation should be given. One of the men in the church helped take care of all of this. Even though the accident was not the missionary's fault, he wanted to show God's love to the widow's family and turn this tragedy into a blessing. They accepted his offer and agreed to come to the police station that next Monday. Monday arrived with much trepidation for the missionary. He was to face the woman he had widowed and the children he had orphaned. He wondered if she would further accuse him or even threaten to sue him. Surprisingly, the woman was very kind and gracious, accepting his gift of a new Bible and financial assistance and not making demands nor showing hostility. The widow