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explained to the missionary that she and her late husband were indeed Christians and even told him the date of their conversion many years before. She knew the missionary was not to blame and extended an invitation for him to come and preach in her village as well as to others in the area. Accepting the offer, the missionary again took the opportunity to transform this tragedy into a blessing. Several days later, he went to the village as well as a neighboring one. Three souls trusted Christ as their Savior on that day with many others still wanting to hear more of the Gospel. This district where a life had been lost was now the place where lives were saved through the preaching of God's Word! When asked about the tragedy, the missionary stated that God changed the worst day of his life into one of great blessing. Had this accident not occurred, he probably would have never gone into these villages to preach since they were so far off the main road. God had confirmed in his life that God is always right in what He does and always good. Truly, it is only He that can turn such a tragedy into such a wonderful blessing! These events happened to missionary Keith Stensaas, a second- generation missionary who has served in Uganda, East Africa, with his wife Sally and their family since 1994. Keith Stensaas with the widow at her home