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By David Harris In June 2008 we were serving in Aomori, Japan. A national pastor approached us with the need for a missionary to assist national churches in church planting throughout Japan. After I prayed about this request for over a year, the Lord burdened my heart and directed us to take the step of faith to return to Kobe, Japan. Until help arrives to take the church in Aomori, our people use video recorded services from Grace Kobe Baptist Church. Every other month we travel back to Aomori to encourage our people and see this work grow. This 750 mile trip takes 15-20 hours by car or bus. To travel by train or plane is too expensive. As we travel back and forth to Aomori, we pass through many areas with little or no Gospel witness. It is heart rending to see scores of cities and thousands of people who need someone to tell them of Jesus. The main problem is that there are not enough laborers. We understand more the heart of our Lord when He said, “the labourers are few.” The echo of that need continues to be heard throughout all of Japan. Members of various religions send out workers by the scores, but where are those within our own ranks willing to go across the street and around the world to reach people with the good news of the Gospel? Where are the young people longing to do something for God? Where are the men and women needed to help us reach the lost in this part of the harvest? In well known cities like Tokyo or Osaka, there are millions without Christ. There are scores of cities not so familiar where there are thousands more with the same need. Recently, we drove through downtown Tokyo. Elevated highways twist and turn through this amazing city. I cannot help but wonder how many of the people we saw know Jesus. Can you believe it has only been a couple years ago that a church began in downtown Tokyo? Imagine a city of nine million people and no independent Baptist church. Praise the Lord for a national family that was willing to go! Although this latest development is thrilling, we feel like the disciples who looked at the food the lad offered and said, But what are they among so many? Yet, God works through those willing to go! God can take a young man or woman and send them around the world with the Gospel! God can help us reach others so we have more workers for the harvest. Consider the great need for laborers in the Tohoku region where we worked for the last 15 years. The northernmost portion of the main island of Honshu, Tohoku includes six prefectures or states. From north to south, they are Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Yamagata, Miyagi, and Fukushima. Each has a population of 1.5 million or more. Fukushima has several independent Baptist churches, but the story is different for the other five prefectures.